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In case the insurance company or your employer is causing you issues or any troubles, you should seek legal representation and counseling. Feel free to give us a call, and our Workers Compensation lawyers in Fresno will help you out. If you are feeling harassed or threatened by the insurance company, in any way, know that it is totally against the law and that you have full rights to file a complaint and have your lawyer act in the right way. Don’t hesitate to seek help; you don’t have to go through this alone.

Work Injury Lawyer Fresno

If your workers compensation got delayed or denied, there could be several reasons. One of the most common reasons is incomplete work comp claim form. However, it can be the insurance company’s attempt to stall the case as long as possible. We suggest you seek legal help and hire a legal representative to handle these complicated situations. Our work comp lawyers can help you receive help for the following types of disabilities:

  • Temporary disability
  • Permanent disability
  • Medical care
  • Mileage (related to medical care)
  • Supplemental job training

Work Comp Attorneys Fresno

The first thing you should do after receiving an injury at your work place is seek medical help. Stabilize your health, make sure everything is alright, and then reach out to us. Report your injury to your supervisor or your employer, and let them know what happened and how it happened. After that, your supervisor/employer should file for your work comp claim as per the independent medical review Fresno. In case they fail to do so, they will be directly violating the state’s laws and can be therefore sued additionally and pursued on court.

Fresno Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

To learn more about work comp and how the entire system works, to see if you are eligible for  filing workers compensation claim Fresno, reach out to Workers Compensation Attorney Group in Fresno. There are several ways you can reach out to us:

  • Call 559.321.2011
  • Fill out and email a case contact form

A competent, yet ethical professional will take your call and schedule a free consultation for you. You will receive a free case review, with all the information required to help you solve or continue fighting for your case. Don’t hesitate to call us and learn more about workers compensation attorney group Fresno. You can also check out the Fresno workers compensation attorney group FAQs. We will be committed to your cause and help you fight for what is legally yours.

We will not ask for advanced payment, and our services are completely free until your case is closed in your favor. Don’t wait to contact us, for every second counts. Do what is right, do it for you.